About Us

We are the 2012 Extreme Blue Chatty Web team; in collaboration with RLSB we are on a 12 week program developing a software tool to aid the browsing of the Internet for the visually impaired.

The Team

Technical Students

Name: Chris Bean

Age: 20

Degree: Computer Games Programming ( BSc )

Bio: I’ve been interested in AI since starting my degree, but have never had the chance to work on the natural language side. I’m looking forward to   learning a bit more about it and applying it to this project. Outside of work  and uni I train as a long distance triathlete and I’m currently training for an iron distance triathlon.



Name: Monique Henson

Age: 20

Degree: MPhys Physics with Theoretical Physics

Bio: I have always been the kind of person who tries to learn every detail about everything. Normally I pursue my interests by reading about anything from trains to mental illnesses, but this internship is a great opportunity to learn on the go and apply my knowledge as I acquire it. To contrast Nitin, despite my love for reading I am truly terrible at Scrabble.

Name: Nitin Nihalani
Age: 19
Degree: MEng Computing at Imperial College London

Bio: I am an Indian that was born and brought up in Hong Kong, went to a German school and is now studying in England. As a result, I have a completely indiscernible accent.I’ve read fewer books than you can count on your fingers, but will still beat you at Scrabble or Words with Friends.

Yes, you may take this as a challenge.

The Business Student

Name: Abbie Oliver
Age: 20
Degree: Bsc Business Management student at Queen Mary University of London

Bio: After my second year of studying I have studied in 2 different countries, 3 cities and 3 different institutions. I am very excited about this project as I have a real passion for technologies that empower people. I also fail miserably at scrabble!

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